Yesterday we added the links to 2880 articles in ganfyd. Ganfyd is a collaborative medical reference by medical professionals and invited non-medical experts. As the site says: was set up to act as a free repository for the vast amount of knowledge that doctors carry around in their heads, both of a factual nature (for example, the causes of Infective endocarditis) and of a practical nature (how to take blood from somebody with difficult veins, or how to deal with an abusive patient, or even how to ensure you don’t become dehydrated on your first day as a doctor).

All contributors are volunteers and come from either the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand. As with any wiki ganfyd is ‘work in progress’.

It may not meet the strict definition of being ‘evidence based’. However, the value of ganfyd cannot be stated highly enough. Clinical knowledge has an immense value and much of what is written is owned, and controlled, by people/organisations whose first interest is frequently not patient care.

By including ganfyd records in TRIP we hope that there will be a mutual benefit. We will get good content and ganfyd will get increased exposure and therefore volunteers, making the resource even better. If you read a ganfyd article and think it can be improved – make the effort!