A bit early, as we’re only half-way through September, but I’m too excited! Anyway, the top ten articles viewed via TRIP are:

  1. Stingray Envenomations (eMedicine)
  2. Growth reference charts for use in the United Kingdom (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health)
  3. Buprenorphine transdermal patches (Norspan) for chronic severe pain (National Prescribing Service)
  4. The Impact of Preoperative Hair Removal on Surgical Site Infection (Joanna Briggs Institute)
  5. Management of patients with dementia (SIGN)
  6. Common cold (GP Notebook)
  7. Insect bites and stings (PRODIGY)
  8. Urinary tract infection (lower) – women (PRODIGY)
  9. Osteoporosis-treatment and prevention of fragility fractures (PRODIGY)
  10. Nutrition support in adults (NICE)