The new system is gradually being rolled out. No massive changes and whether users will notice much difference is open to debate. I’m sure some will but the majority probably not.

The system works exceptionally well (my view) when a category is selected (e.g. systematic reviews). However, the first set of results, where all the categories are mixed, is more problematic. Generally, it is very good. However, in a small set of results <10% the results trouble me. They're not overly bad but they could certainly be better.

My concern is that users of TRIP do not, necessarily, filter the results by category – so they get the mixed results. So two possible directions – and I’d welcome input from the readers of this blog:

1) Remove the first set of results, so users are forced to select a category to see results.

2) Continue to work with the algorithm and be happy that for the vast majority of searches the results are pretty good.

Over to you……..