Formerly referred to as Socrates, the new project I’m working on is called Gwagle. Still a bit early to post details as they are still being finalised. But we’ve now secured the domain names – so can reveal the name at least.

The project is a combination of TRIP’s skills in a few things clinical and Sequence’s (the web people we use for TRIP) expertise in all things web. I have two formal meetings with third parties to gauge their reaction and take on board comments before a final specification meeting on the 4th December. After that the programming for Gwagle will commence. I’m hoping that things might actually be ‘out there’ on the web early 2007 (Feb/March).

But what is Gwagle about? It ‘sort of’ combines all the things we’re into (e.g. search, Q&A) as well as a few broader concepts. If you know what Gwagle ‘means’ then you’re a little further along the path of knowing what it’s about!