We’re currently very busy – so the blog may go quiet for a while! So what are we working on:

1) Gwagle. Gwagle is getting close to its alpha-test launch (1-2 weeks). If you’re interested in taking part let us know via the TRIP Database ‘Contact us‘ form. Gwagle will be open to clinicians (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, PAMs etc) as well as information specialists working in the health sphere.

2) TRIP Updates. The latest round of upgrades are currently being deployed to our test server. The main updates are:

  • Improvement to algorithm
  • RSS feeds for search results
  • Snippets (small summaries of the main document, displayed on the search results page)
  • Conclusions. The conclusions of a number of resources will be viewable via the results page. Resources such as NHS CRD, Cochrane, Evidence-Based Medicine, BMJ Updates have conclusions we can grab.

These enhancements should be available within 6-8 weeks.

3) Correcting TRIP errors. Unfortunately, some of the search modification functions (brackets, some boolean and quotation marks) have decided to stop working. So we’re working to get these back!