The upgrade is progressing well (all need testing):

1) RSS feed – done
2) Highlighting PDFs – done
3) Improve algorithm – partially done
4) Import of conclusions into main results page – done
5) Snippets – partially done but may be abandonded if the test results don’t improve.

We’re also likely to do one, or more, of the following 3:

1) Improve layout of results page to obtain more results on the results page.
2) Improve the advanced search.
3) Add extra content from PubMed.

With regard the last point we currently include a small amount of material from PubMed, namely, the ‘Big 5’ general medical journals (NEJM, JAMA, Lancet, BMJ and Annals of Internal Medicine) and those outputted from BMJ Updates. However, the people that create BMJ Updates (HIRU @ McMaster) have highlighted just over 100 core journals. My thought is that a search would be carried out of the current content. However, users would have the ability to ‘Add more primary research’ which would then see the extra journals added to the results.

Currently, I’m favouring the top 2, but if anyone has any preferences, let me know via the blog or ‘Contact Us‘ on TRIP.