A week ago I posted on changes to TRIP – guess what? Some last minute changes!

It relates to the integration of TRIP with Gwagle! We’ve decided to postpone the newsletter idea for now and use the resource to gently integrate Gwagle.

From a user perspective this will involve the ability to comment on articles in TRIP. So, on the results page, each article will have a button to make comments and view exisiting comments (if they exist). Clicking on either button will take users to a co-branded TRIP and Gwagle area (not that we’ve got a strong brand for Gwagle!) which will allow users to comment on articles. These comments will appear in TRIP but will also be added to Gwagle – so populating Gwagle. In addition users will be encouraged/enticed to explore Gwagle.

We’re really excited by this development but it will postpone the rollout of changes for another 4 weeks(ish) – so looks like early/mid May!