Around 11.30 today the new version of TRIP went live. But what’s so different? Lots of new features most designed to help users locate the information they need quickly; these include:

  • Snippets. These are the 2-3 lines of summary text from the returned document. These have been demonstrated to significantly improve the recall of appropriate search results.
  • Conclusions. Where documents have conclusions we have designed our system to ‘grab them’ and allow them to be displayed within TRIP. This has numerous advantages including a significant reduction in bandwidth, very useful if you don’t have the ‘luxury’ of broadband access.
  • Advanced search. This has been redesigned to allow a significant improvement in usability in this function.
  • Comments. We love the BMJ’s ‘rapid responses’ so why not allow TRIP users to share their views with the wider TRIP community?
  • RSS feeds. This feature allows you to ‘save’ a search as an RSS feed. If new material is added that appears in the top 50 search results for the same search, its outputted via RSS.
  • Memory. We’ve doubled the capacity of our servers memory, this should bring about a rapid increase in speed.
  • Redesign. A mixed blessing this one! Basically, we need to increase our income vai Google ads. As it stands not enough people are clicking on the ads so our income from these is not sufficient to pay for costs and fuel our significant development plans. By making the ads more prominent, the theory is, that more people will click on them….

I’m pretty chuffed, I hope you are too!