Another glance at our webstats brings pleasing news. I’ve analysed how people get to TRIP, the top five being:

  1. No referral – 72.02%
  2. 10.77%
  3. 6.72%
  4. 1.37%
  5. 1.01%

The top ‘referrer’ being ‘No referral’, this means people who have bookmarked the site or type in the TRIP URL directly. So last week, of the 110,000 searches, over 79,000 came from regular users of the site.

I suppose it’s difficult to know if that’s god or not. I suppose I’ve just been ignorant of the ‘loyalty’ of TRIP users. Over 72% seems pretty loyal. Of the remaining 28% how did they get to TRIP? Perhaps via searching for TRIP Database, perhaps searching other terms!

Given our server strain it might be wise to stop Google spidering our content, that will buy us some breathing space, one to ponder!