It’s that time of year! We’ve reviewed all our searches and the following are the top papers viewed from TRIP for 2007.

  1. Management of enteral tube feeding CREST, 2004
  2. Growth reference charts Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, 2000
  3. Insulin sliding scale Ganfyd, 2007
  4. Which oral antibiotics interact with alcohol? NeLM, 2006
  5. Is there a list of drugs where alcohol should be avoided? NLH Q&A Service, 2005
  6. What is the relavance of poor R-wave progression with an otherwise normal ecg? NLH Q&A Service, 2005
  7. Guidelines on the management of cellulitis in adults CREST, 2005
  8. Standards for infusion therapy RCN, 2005
  9. Sexually Transmitted Infections in Primary Care RCGP, 2006
  10. Nutrition support in adults NICE, 2006

The top ten were viewed, from TRIP, a total of 51,301 times!

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