In my struggle to understand web 3.0/semantic web I’ve been exchanging a fair few e-mails with people, notably Dean at the Google Scholar Blog. I feel as though I’m starting to understand the key concepts – but I still need to get a bit more guidance before I try and explain it here. But linked into this is a great post Semantic Web Patterns: A Guide to Semantic Technologies on the ReadWriteWeb blog.

Two other interesting finds:

  • Free meta-analysis software, MIX – Meta-analysis with Interactive eXplanations. Alas, my version of Excel (2007) is not compatible with the programme, so I can’t check it out. For those ‘lucky’ enough to have an earlier version of Excel – I hope you enjoy it. You can read more about the software via this BioMedCentral article.
  • Searchme. I manged to get an invite to be a beta-tester. I love it! I’m not sure how helpful it would be in the clinical world. But it does allow you – very quickly – to scan the search results. I’ve embedded a demo below.