This week’s BMJ carried a news article on the most popular Cochrane systematic reviews (click here, although you need a subscription!). Aside, from suggesting it was a slow week for news, they highlighted geographic variations in popular reviews.

I responded to the article highlighting (click here) that the most popular Cochrane reviews – as viewed by TRIP users – was radically different.

I feel the main reason is that if a user goes to search Cochrane, they’ll get a restricted cohort of evidence to look through. In other words users might be more likely to view an article that is ‘almost’ what they were after.

TRIP, which contains a much greater range of secondary reviews and other evidence, means that users can be more discerning in their selection of articles. Further evidence of this might be that TRIP users only venture to Cochrane 2.6% of the time. So 97.4% of the time they feel their evidence/information needs are met elsewhere.