Further to a post last Friday (click here).

  • Why will you cease operations on 27th June? Is there any point inlobbying to try & keep your service available? If so, who should I contact (from a v satisfied customer!)
  • Why is the clinical Q&A service being axed? It is excellent and will be sorely missed
  • What a desperate shame this service is to discontinue! I have only just discovered it and have found it enormously useful because it is evidence based. Please feel free to pass this message on to anyone who has influence over this decision.
  • Why is the NLH Q+A service ceasing operations? Has the funding been pulled? Will there be an alternative service?
  • This service has greatly improved my practice it has been a great resource i cant believe its being withdrawn i will find it a great loss
  • Interesting- found this site via google- I see it’s a pilot and about to be withrdrawn. I never heard of it- was it something that we should have been informed of? muight have been useful (or not) but if we had known about it we might at elast had the chance to try it out. More wasted NHS money on something not discussed with users and not properly tried and evaluated?
  • We will miss your service greatly! Is it migrating somewhere else/what alternatives are there?
  • Is there a replacement once the current service close in June? it has been a very helpful service for lots of us in primary care

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