One of my favourite blogs is TechCrunch and the main guy there is Mike Arrington and he’s written about the end of web 2.0 – An Ignoble But Much Needed End To Web 2.0, Marked By A Party In Cyprus.

Web 2.0 has been associated with blogs, social networks, wikis and generally user generated content. I doubt it’s dead, but I’m guessing that’s not what Mike meant.

My view is that user-generated content is no longer new, its an integral part of the web and therefore why should it be seen as distinct? I’m guessing that we’ve got the situation where you had the ‘old’ (static web pages) then web 2.0 (user-generated content) and it’s now settling down to just being one web, which will mean the old sites will simply absorb sections of web 2.0 into their domains.

So the days of a ‘separate’ web 2.0 may well me dead or dying, roll on the next innovation.