For years TRIP has offered access to its web services. Unfortunately, I’ve never been particularly great at explaining what web services are. But I’ll try and give it another go!

Basically, web services allow a 3rd party website to send a search string to TRIP and instead of showing the results in TRIP show the results in the 3rd party website.

I’m really pleased that a relatively new site QuizMD has come up with a novel use of our webservices. Instead of me trying to poorly explain what’s happening just go and visit their page on postpartum hemorrhage. At the top of the page is their test and below that are related articles loaded from TRIP.

A rough explanation of what is happening is that when this page is loaded, QuizMD send a search string to TRIP via our web services (in this case postpartum hemorrhage). We then send the search results back to them in a special format (XML) and QuizMD reformats the results to match the look and feel of their site.

I think it’s a great example of our web services. So, if you’re interested in utilising this service just let me know.