It’s just over 6 weeks old and TRIP Answers seems to have taken off.

Since January 1st we’re seen the following:

  • Had over 26,000 visits
  • Added over 350 new Q&As, all quality marked
  • Main users from UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Spain
  • We’ve been approached by 3 large organisations looking to add our content to their sites

The top 3 Q&As viewed are:

  • A 38-year-old lady who is a smoker is having amenorrhoea on the progesterone only pill. She has a strong family history of osteoporosis. What are the current guidelines/evidence on investigations for this lady; i.e. when should she have a bone scan or plasma oestordiols?
  • What are the expected disease prevalences in wales for the purpose of the New Contract registers (i.e. CHD/LVD, CVA/TIA, diabetes, asthma, COPD, epilepsy cancer, mental health, hypothyroidism.)
  • I have a 17-year-old female patient, normotensive, non-smoker, not overweight, with 21day heavy cycle; I’d like to start her on oral contraceptive pills. Her mother had proven DVT aged 45 on HRT when no other risk factors present. Should I do thrombophilia screen before prescribing oral contraception?

We’ve got a slight issue with the Tag Cloud of Clinical Uncertainty so we’re not pushing that part of the site yet. Aside from that, the site is going pretty well and seems stable. We’re planning a slight redesign to help usability, but again nothing too major.

So far, I’d give the site 9/10!