The following is a short selection of tweets that I enjoyed or found useful.

sciencebase @JoBrodie As you’ve found, there is no good evidence for glucosamine efficacy, even in conjunction with chondroitin.

joemd MD Life: For the clnician to become “patient centered” is often to become less self-centered

bengoldacre Randomised trial finds no evidence of mercury in vaccines causing brain nastiness: Where will the antivaxxers go..

bbchealth The UK’s doner kebabs contain “shocking” levels of salt, fat and calories, a survey concludes.

stephenfry More filming to be done. Hospital scenes. I can’t help liking myself in white coat and stethoscope. Is that sad and ridiculous?

bbchealth Reducing what you eat by nearly a third may improve memory, according to German researchers.

JRBtrip Anamnesis – when you tell your medical history to a doctor!

kevinmd Should pediatricians care about the manners of children?