It’a always nice for TRIP to look back and see how well we’re doing, it helps remind us that we’re doing something right. As you’ll see (at the bottom of this post), since September our visits have increased by nearly 250% while our page views have increased by 330%.

Arguably the biggest change has been the massive speed increase we had in mid-October. As well as making people more likely to stay on the site and explore it also meant more people returned to the site.

How big will TRIP go? I’m staggered by how well it’s doing at present and it far exceeds my expectations. However, I’m determined to push ahead with changes to improve TRIP and work will start in early April on our next significant upgrade. I’m keen to further improve the speed of TRIP and respond to users feedback which has been significant and 100% constructive (if you haven’t already please take our 5 minute survey (click here).

954,825 Visits
2,445,659 Pageviews

745,085 Visits
1,960,785 Pageviews

751,890 Visits
2,101,726 Pageviews

453,539 Visits
1,042,808 Pageviews

387,539 Visits
740,697 Pageviews