One idea we’ve got for TRIP is to allow domain experts (clinician or information specialist) to highlight important papers/organisations related to a particular search term. These 5-10 links would appear on the results page and sit aside from the main results.

So, an expert in hypertension (say) would volunteer and essentially create a list of links that would enhance the TRIP main search results. As a crude example they may link out to the following:

  • British Hypertension Society
  • American Heart Association
  • NICE guidance on hypertension
  • Escardio
  • Investigating hypertension in a young person (from the 6th April 2009) – ie an important recent paper
  • An important recent news item
  • etc

I would see the expert be given pretty much free-range over what they add (subject to certain conditions).

Two questions:

  • Would these links be a useful addition to the main results?
  • Would people volunteer to help?

For both questions I think yes! I have little doubt the human expert links will be pertinent and useful.

The bigger question is the desire of people to volunteer. I would like to think that there would be relatively little work in creating the list (given the volunteer would be an expert in that area), updating would be minimal. The volunteer would help improve the search results on TRIP making the million plus users per month gain better results.

I suppose that’s the real question – is improving the search results on TRIP motivation enough for people to volunteer a few minutes a month?

Please let me know via this blog or e-mail jon[@]tripdatabase[.]com