Just a quick update as things have been quiet on the blog. Basically, I’ve been in hospital and recovering from a partial menisectomy.

I injured myself a year ago running and initially I was diagnosed with a medial ligament strain. As a result of this mis-diagnosis (please, no-one mention evidence!) it was 6 months of physical therapy with no tangible results. So, I went to see a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who ruled out – clinically – medial ligament damage and suspected bursitis. However, he suggested I have an MRI scan. When he told me the bursitis was secondary to a meniscal tear I was shocked and hence a rubbish patient. I asked no questions about prognosis, nature of the operation etc.

Anyway, I had the operation earlier this week (partial menisectomy plus a steroid injection for the bursitis) and am recovering well. I’m hoping to run again in 4-6 weeks – hurrah.

If anyone is interested in seeing a bad picture of my knee taken this morning then click here.