I’vew just noticed that it’s been nearly three weeks since the last post. I think that’s a sign of how busy things have been! We’re currently working hard on the next update to TRIP. We’ve got a very tight deadline and lots of things happening at once. Also, as some of the upgrades are significant changes they’re requiring significant work.

The main work is around:

  • CPD – we’re finally putting the finishing touches on our self-test CPD feature, with over 6,000 education packs.
  • TRIP Answers – mainly a redesign, improved search and ‘new research’. This latter feature will automatically highlight new research that may be of interest/update an exisiting question. This is being powered by some semantic technology we’re using.
  • Semantic technology features, too complex to state in this brief post, but one for another time. Think ‘Related articles’ in PubMed…