Having a blog allows us to communicate new TRIP developments. As such, it also acts as a ‘sort of’ diary. As we’re approaching the end of 2009 I thought that I’d look back over a very significant year.

January – we reported on the early steps of TRIP Answers and also my discovery of Wordle!

February – results of the latest survey of TRIP users & highlighting a massive increase in traffic.

March – Mentioned HIFA for the first time, discussed the 2009 upgrade to TRIP and our trademark of the phrase TRIP.

April – Swine flu resources were mentioned a lot and we also highlighted the end of the NLH.

May – Further posts on new TRIP, highlighting a proposed new logo (which most people hated so we didn’t use) and the adding of the first blog to TRIP – Clinical Correlations.

June – Announcing the TRIP Advisory Board, discussed my partial menisectomy!

July – Mention of our idea for identifying evidence for the resource poor world.

August – further discussion of our ‘resource poor’ idea and some sneak previews of the new TRIP (advanced search, medical images etc).

September – Various teasers for the new site, followed by the launch announcement and ending with an apology for the new site dying and being taken down!!!

October – Announcing our tie-in with a electronic health record system, also announcing the securing of funding for our ‘resource poor’ idea and – thankfully – reporting on the stability of the new TRIP.

November – Reporting on our work with the iPhone, announcing a few new planned enhancements to TRIP and a post about the impact of TRIP.

December – Related articles was rolled out and hitting 3,000 registered users.

Aside from the above in 2009 we had nearly 10,000,000 visits to TRIP, we forged lots of new relationships with companies and organisations as well as building on existing ones.

For me 2009 was a transition period for a number of reasons:

  • We established ourselves as a stable company without the largesse of NHS funding (via the significant Q&A contract we had for 4+ years).
  • We moved away from using a large company for our web-developments and started working with Phil and a separate design agency.
  • We spent a large amount of our time developing the site and improving upon it.

And 2010?

  • We’ll be launching our ‘resource poor’ feature on TRIP, this could have significant global benefits.
  • We’ll be rolling out an overhauled TRIP Answers.
  • We’ll be launching our self-test CPD modules – over 6,200 of them.

However, 2010 will be mostly about building on the work of 2009 and hopefully getting out and discussing TRIP with more individuals, organisations etc. Basically, further increasing brand awareness and traffic!