I sometimes feel there is a pressure to blog, to write something, just to show people we’re still here and thinking of them!  While things may appear quiet (we’ve not blogged, twittered or Facebooked much) we’re still very busy.  However, much of the work is behind the scenes as we gear up the development of our TILT project.  I’ve been busy finalising the specifications and have as good as signed off on these.  TILT is pretty much in stealth mode so what can I say….

  • It’s a way to record and share learning
  • While search focuses on known unknowns (you need to know you don’t know something before searching for it) TILT will focus as much on unknown unknowns as known unknowns!
  • When I talk about search, in TILT, I’m not referring to document search – something far more useful and concise.
  • At it’s core is clinical usefulness, it’s a bottom-up approach.

Well, I hope that’s whetted people’s appetites.

It’ll launch, probably as a beta towards the end of October.

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