I highlighted a while ago that I often add small comments to Facebook that I didn’t consider worthy of a blog post.  So, continuing the theme started then, a few highlights of comments I’ve made on Facebook.

  • I’ve updated all the Royal College guidelines – nearly 1,000 documents.
  • Asked about how to raise money to help to keep TRIP going and improving!
  • Highlighted a very nice net website – theNNT.
  • Exposed the new TILT logo to the world (see below)
  • Asked if people like the Q&A site Gas Exchange.
  • Announced that we’ve as good as secured funding for an African clinical search tool.
  • Not TRIP related, but what I do part-time for the NHS, is the Q&A service called ATTRACT. One feature we’ve just released in called tripe
  • Finally, we’re starting to look to improve our links to educational content and we’re starting that process!

As mentioned above – the TILT logo!