At Evidence2010 I was a aware of a number of themes (in reverse order):

  • The whole publishing model is wrong.
  • Clinicians needs support in using the evidence ie what to do once they read a trial and know an intervention works, how do they actually use or administer it!
  • Conflicts of interest (COI) are widespread. Pharma is an obvious COI but also in academia there are significant issues.
  • There’s no more money – the healthcare systems in ‘the West’ have no more money to keep pumping into healthcare.
  • Need to work more closely with patients to help make them better decision makers.
  • Clinicians need to say this phrase more often – I don’t know.
  • There’s an awful lot of love for TRIP 🙂

Obviously, I’m very pleased about the last one. Overall, a  very good, thought-provoking conference!