A further update on the cost of search via another Freedom of Information request to NHS Evidence.

In the previous analysis (click here) I highlighted their budget was over £24 million, of which over £10 million was on content (e.g. Cochrane, BNF) and a further £2 million was on the specialist libraries (which have now ceased to exist). Therefore, removing the cost of the specialist libraries and content (a total of £12,675,971) leaves their core budget of £11.8 million (I’ve rounded up).

The FoI request highlighted that actually only 384,661 searches are carried out via the NHS Evidence site per month (or, if multiplied by 12 it gives an approximate annual search total of 4.62 million searches (I’ve rounded up). I’ve excluded both the CKS and specialist library search figures (as I have their costs as they are no longer procured).

Therefore, a cost of £11.8 million yields 4.62 million searches = £2.55 per search.

The TRIP costs have not altered and remain at 0.43 pence per search.

So, each search of NHS Evidence appears to be 593 times more expensive than TRIP.