TILT is our shared learning experiment which allows for clinicians to record and share learning they may have experienced.  We’ve now had over 850 TILTs so it’s getting a useful resource.

Reading today’s BMJ there’s an article on postural hypotension which has a great section called ‘Learning points’.  These are not new but it occurred to me how close TILT is to the concept of learning points.  In other words, what is the take home message from the article.  It’s different from simply the conclusion as it’s more nuanced.  So, two TILTs I added (out of a total of four) are:

Whenever I make connections between concepts (in this case TILT and learning points) it makes me contemplate things.  Is TILT too niche?  Should we automatically grab all learning points from BMJ articles?  Why not try and create a database of everything we know – so TILTs, learning points and conclusions.

These issues and othes like it represent challenges, real and important.  This is why I love doing what I do.