One thing I’m wrestling with is the different types of information needs of clinicians.  I’m interested – at the moment – in two broad distinctions:

  • Broad – user typically wants background information e.g. eTextbook
  • Specific – user wants to answer a specific question e.g. what is the best antidepressant in pregnancy?

TRIP is set-up to answer specific questions.  While we have eTextbooks they appear lower down in the search results (as they are typically of lower quality) so, for a user to consistently see them, needs to click the eTextbook filter.

But can TRIP do more for Broad information needs? Are clinicians conscious of the differences; do they approach TRIP thinking ‘I need background information?’.

Perhaps we need a prominent ‘show background information’ button?  Seems slightly clumsy to be, but plenty of time to ponder!