At the time of writing this our PayPal account has £1,388.98 – which is great (if you’ve not given you still can via this link – please do!).  Donations ranged from £1 to £250 and seeing them come in was very humbling for me.  A massive thanks to Ben Goldacre (yes, that Ben Goldacre – Bad Science fame) who tweeted the following to his 189,000 followers on twitter.

can u think of a way that @JRBtrip can fund the excellent TRIP database? Vastly cheaper than NHS Evidence, better imho.

In addition, I also asked people who didn’t donate why they didn’t donate and here’s the response:

  • I hardly use TRIP – 52.6%
  • I like TRIP but not enough to pay for it – 26.3%
  • I can’t afford it – 24.6%
  • I want TRIP to continue and grow but I’m hoping other people will pay for it! – 19.3%

 I’m not sure what I gained from asking this, just curious I suppose!

As mentioned above we’re still interested in generating more income, for more of an idea of our plans, click here.