Are you in for a treat?  I’d like to think so.

I had a long but rewarding meeting with Phil (our genius techie) and Reuben (our new and wonderful design guy) to thrash out the final details of the next upgrade to TRIP.  I am so excited by the proposed developments which are:

  • 3 major innovations – for me really really important developments
  • A handful of significant improvements
  • A load of minor improvements
  • A design overhaul

I’m being deliberately vague with the details for now.  But as things develop and designs get drawn, features get available I may well share them here and on Facebook (if you didn’t know we had a Facebook page, click here).

No firm timetable but I’d like to think it’ll be ready in 3 months.

Also, I’ve started planning the next upgrade, the one after this one, but much depends on how the innovations from this one take off.  If you have any suggestions then feel free to let me know.