I forget how horrible it is, testing the site.  There is the worry about how users will take to it (few people like change), will people like the new features,etc.  Oh yes, the hard work and worry that you’ve missed something!

I’m reassured that the core of Trip – our content and search system are broadly untouched – so users will still get the same results.  The new design, a number will not like but after a few searches I have no doubt that these will be forgotten. 

I’ve previously blogged about the changes (click here) but there is an additional change which you might find interesting – results thumbnails.  I’ve even done a screencast to show how it works (click here) which gives a sneak preview of the new site.

I’m hoping it’ll all be finished and launched by mid-October (so two weeks). The ‘to do’ list of fixes is currently at around 35 and a major headache that it looks awful in Internet Explorer 7 (an old browser, but heavily used in the UK’s National Health Service).

If you want to help test the site then email me – jon.brassey@tripdatabase.com