At the end of the summer 2011 we asked users about how they used Trip, what they liked, what they didn’t like and how they would like Trip to develop.  The main set of results can be seen here.  These results, combined with my own views, independent feedback from users and the contents of the wonderful book Search User Interfaces spurred Trip on with the latest redesign.

Add in the following elements:

  • The ever wonderful Phil, our main developer. Superlatives fail to describe his wonderful work on the site (Click here to see his LinkedIn profile)
  • Reuben, (introduced to us by Phil), his work has been so exciting and it’s been great having a fresh pair of eyes on the site/problems we face.
  • An fair amount of investment, both financial and time from the Trip team (myself and Chris)
  • Those that donated to Trip earlier on this yeat
  • The beta-testers – thank you for your work.

I’ve described the main updates in this blog post but the only real way to appreciate the site and the breadth of changes is to go and use it – go now!

Another way is to watch this brief screencast I’ve produced (which can be viewed in a larger format here).