Using Trip can be highly educational – searching, reading articles, reflecting etc.

Many professionals (doctors, nurses etc.) can be required to keep a record of their educational activity throughout the year, to demonstrate that they are keeping ‘up to date’ with the latest research.

Trip has two main ways of supporting this:

  • The timeline – this is a record of activity on Trip (search terms, articles viewed), this can easily be exported as a PDF for inclusion in any portfolio of learning.
  • Reflective learning – more in-depth than the timeline the reflective learning tool allows clinicians to easily record any reflections they have while reading an article.  This is accessed via the CPD/CME button under each result.  Again, all CPD/CME activity is easily exported as a PDF file.

To help understand how to use Trip and the different types of support we offer we’ve produced a brief screencast, which can be viewed here.