We’ve released a bunch of upgrades to the site, some really powerful others simply useful!

The screengrab below (click on it to enlarge) highlights the major changes.

Full-text links: We’ve used two methods for this.  Firstly, we’ve started cross-checking our records with PubMed Central and linking accordingly.  Secondly, we’re working with institutions to allow the easy linking between Trip and the institutions full-text holdings.  For this to work a user needs to alter they profile (via the ‘Setting‘ button), about half-way down there are a series of drop-downs, select your institution from there and it should work straight away.  If your institution is not there then send us an email (jon.brassey@tripdatabase.com) and we’ll tell you the simple steps needed.

DynaMed integration: Click on the DynaMed tab and you’ll see the results.  Access to the actual content is only available for those with subscription access – alas we do not provide that!

Controlled trials database: This has actually been out for a while, but I’m including it here as it was planned with the rest of these changes and is a fairly recent addition.  Click here for further details.

Case Reports: Working with BioMedCentral’s Cases Database we’re really pleased to see this interesting collection added to the site.

Developing World Filter: Working with a slightly modified filter from a Norwegian Cochrane site we have created a specific and sensitive filter. If you would like to know the difference then email us via the email above.

Minor changes

  • Ability to delete items from the timeline
  • Move from eternal scrolling on timeline to pagination
  • Number each result
  • Ability to change password