This post signaled my biggest professional disappointment!  A key phrase being:

I think it’s fair to say that it has failed

TILT stood for ‘Today I Learnt That’ and in a nutshell allows health professionals to record things they’ve learnt recently.  A longer explanation can be viewed here.  Some examples of recorded learning being:

  • The commonest causes of postural hypotension are medications and conditions that cause hypovolaemia
  • Even after extensive evaluation, about a third of patients with persistent, consistent postural hypotension have no identified cause

Why do I like it?  These are nuggets of learning/evidence that have typically been distilled from a larger document.  The person TILTing has removed all the unnecessary background information and just recorded what’s important to them.  Also, the user will only record what they previously didn’t know – so fresh learning that’s likely to be valuable to others.

In this post I highlighted while I think it failed. I think things have moved on since then, in relation to the notion of sharing.  Design has moved on as well.  But I still think the main reasons for failure are the same.  In a nutshell it needs to be easier to use and we need to communicate what we’re trying to achieve better.

Can we do it?  Is it worth it?  I want it to happen but sometimes you’ve got to know when to stop.  I guess I’ll be seeking opinions to see what people think – so let me know.  If it works it’ll be magic, but it’s a big ‘if’!