This is another ‘how to’ post – explaining how to use a particular bit of functionality on Trip.  Other posts in this series include the recent Colours and Trip

Many other websites allow users to favourite (or save) things of interest.  In Google Mail they allow you to favourite an email and in Twitter you can favourite a tweet; in both systems they use a star.

In Trip we’ve recognised the need for users to save favourite/interesting articles and we have adopted the same approach as Google and Twitter with the star system.  Below are images highlighting the main features of the ‘star’ system:

  • The top image shows you the simple way to save articles
  • The middle image shows how you can browse the starred/saved articles
  • The bottom image shows how you can find articles, after a search.  This last technique might be useful if you want to actually search for an article (as opposed to browsing).  However, it might be that you’re carrying out a broad search and you may want to know if any previous articles you’ve read (and possibly appraised) match your particular search.