Trip is a wonderfully useful search engine, widely used and it has a great reputation and brand. We’re thinking we could build on this to create a formalised evidence service. 

An evidence service could undertake a number of roles to support users (probably organisations) for instance:

  • Literature searches
  • Critical appraisals
  • Evidence reviews/synthesis
  • Clinical Q&A
  • Horizon scanning
  • Etc

We have a network of highly skilled information experts who would undertake the work.  Due to our low overheads we could provide a very cost-effective service.

I have experience in the UK where there are a large number of organisations (e.g. CCGs) that do not have timely access to timely, robust evidence to support their decisions.  This is really problematic when introducing changes to the system; how can they be evidence-based with no evidence input?  I doubt UK is atypical in this respect.  Therefore, there is a real opportunity to improve care and improve our business!

If you’re interested in the service and want to help us develop our service then let me know.