As we move forward after the introduction of our Premium product we can start to plan future developments and one is a search safety net!

Using our click stream data we can see what articles you’re looking at suggest other documents that you should consider.  Take this network map (click to enlarge):

This is based on searches on Trip for urinary tract infections.  Each blue square (node) represents an article and the lines linking them are created when a user clicks on two (or more) articles in the same search session.

If we have this information we can build a really useful system.  A user comes and does a search of Trip for UTI and finds, from articles in the bottom right of the above image, a number of articles (marked in red in the image below):

It is clear that they may have overlooked four articles (marked as blue nodes) so we alert the user.  It gives them a chance to double check the results.  They may have deliberately excluded them or they may have simply made a mistake.  If it’s the latter then the system will have served its function as a safety net.

I’ve started using the phrase ‘Trip makes finding evidence easy’ but with this technique we could also claim that ‘Trip easily helps you not miss key evidence’.  Not quite as succinct, but you get the picture!

This is a value added service so I envisage it only being available to Premium users of Trip.  Hopefully another reason to upgrade.