Earlier this month I asked our users their thoughts on logging in to use Trip.  With hundreds of responses the results were pretty evenly split, half didn’t mind logging in and half thought it was a pain and made them less likely to use the site.  There were two main reasons given for not liking logging in (apart from difficulty remembering passwords):

  1. Health professionals, often jumping from computer to computer, in a busy clinic and simply not having the time to login.
  2. Information specialists trying to demonstrate Trip to users and finding it highly problematic to get all the students to register.

As a result of the feedback, and my own disquiet at forcing login, we have rolled back the login screens and users can get unhindered access to the free site, as of now.

As an extension to the easier access we are currently working on two other changes:

  1. Making registration/login not necessary for institutional subscribers who use IP authentication.  Our system will detect the user is from a subscribing institution and they will get seamless access to the Premium Trip.
  2. Trip has the ability to link to your institutions subscription journals full-text (as opposed to the PubMed abstract). Where we have the IP details of the institution we will seamlessly insert the links to these full-text. This feature is open to both free and Premium users. If you belong to an institution who subscribe to journals and would like to take advantage of this feature then let me know.

These two additional features will be ready in the next two weeks.

Thank you all for your feedback, we asked, you replied in your hundreds, we listened and acted pretty quickly!