Trip is involved in the extremely interesting KConnect project, via the EU’s Horizon 2020 funding stream.  One output of this has been a nice interface to explore our clickstream data.  Clickstream data being a record of how people interact with the site eg search terms used, articles viewed etc.

This gives us a glimpse of clinical uncertainties, ‘hot topics’, useful sites etc.  Below are three images to highlight potential uses, but we know there are more.  Imagination is the limitation with this data!

Image One – this is a record of searches for breast cancer and a drug.  So, which drugs are most popular when used in conjunction with the term breast cancer?  In this case, it’s trastuzumab!

Image Two – As we record the date and time of the search we can plot search term popularity.  So, you can clearly see a peak of searching for ebola around October last year.

Image Three – for searches which publications have been most visited?  Top is PubMed, followed by NHS CRD, then NICE.  http://dx.doi…. refers to Cochrane and the final entry to the top five is CADTH.