We have now produced a number of very nice videos on how to get the best out of Trip.  They cover a range of topics such as how to refine your search, PICO search etc.  The full list can be seen on our YouTube Channel.  But I’ve pasted a few examples below.

These videos have already been a big success and so I’m planning to add to these in two main ways:

  • Additional ‘how to’ guides.  If there’s anything you’d like to see then drop me a line or leave a comment.
  • Guided topic search.  ‘How to’ guides are great but sometimes working through an actual search example adds an extra insight.  So, I need some example searches.  I can make my own up but it might be nice to accept searches that people have tried and possibly had sub-optimal results. So, if you have a search you’d like me to work through then again drop me a line or leave a comment.

Now, the example videos…:

Refining your search

The Star function