With just shy of 500 respondents the results of our poll are as follows:

Question 1: Why do you use Trip? (showing all results that scored at least 10%)

  • To find out what the latest research is for a given topic – 24%
  • To answer a clinical Q (raised by patient care but not answered at same time) – 18%
  • I’m an information specialist using Trip to support a health professional – 16%
  • To answer a clinical Q at the point of care – 12%
  • I’m an information specialist carrying out a review (eg to find latest evidence) – 11%
  • I’m a researcher undertaking a review to support a paper and/or research bid – 10%

Question 2: How would you best like to pay for Trip Pro?

  • I’ll get my institute to pay – 34%
  • I’ll never pay for Pro – 32%
  • Annual payment (currently the only option for personal use) – 23%
  • Monthly payment (a proposed alternative for personal subscribers) – 11%

Question 3: What new features would you like to see on Trip?

  • Search suggestions (after a search we suggest additional search terms to help focus the search)? – 35%
  • Mis-spelling function (to detect and correct spelling mistakes)? – 19%
  • Better point of care support (eg adverse drug event, interactions) – 14%
  • Better search results – 10%


Question 1: Surprised by the proportion that use Trip as a point of care tool.  Also, the top reason for using Trip is to locate the latest evidence.  I think we can improve on that!

Question 2: No surprises!

Question 3: Delighted with the top four as we’re working on all 4 of these.  In fact we should be testing the top one shortly.