Many year ago Muir Gray stated – in relation to the access to evidence – that ‘Three clicks are two clicks too many’.  This statement inspired the invention of the Trip Answer Engine and we have delivered on Muir’s vision.  Answers to clinical questions, quickly, with a single click!

So, what is the answer engine?


The answer engine explores the search terms used to try to understand the intention.  In this case the likely interest of the user is ‘Is minocycline useful in the treatment of acne?‘.  Our system then finds the best available answer to that question; in this case a Cochrane Systematic Review.

Incredibly simple (conceptually) powered by some incredibly powerful/clever/magical systems behind the scenes!

Currently, the system is semi-automated and will answer around 1000 of the most common questions asked of Trip.  We hope to move to a fully automated system in mid-2017 and that will then answer hundreds of thousands of questions.