Just under a fortnight ago I asked for help planning the next set of upgrades to the site.  We received an incredible response with 1,436 ‘votes’.  The top ten results being:

  1. I wish I could save articles I like
  2. I’d like a simple mechanism to show if an article was good or bad (eg thumbs up and thumbs down)
  3. I’d like Trip to support me create a rapid review
  4. I’d like critical appraisal support
  5. I wish there was some statistics support
  6. I’d like an Amazon-style ‘People who looked at this article also looked at..
  7. I wish I could access Trip Pro
  8. I’d like to see comments from others about how they’ve found the article(s)
  9. I’d like to see other papers people have clicked on – popular papers!
  10. I would like to see more answers (as opposed to links to articles)

I’m incredibly grateful for the feedback. We also had lots of comments which will take further analysis and thank you to the many who left very kind words about Trip 🙂

My thoughts on each point are below:

  1. Way ahead of the others in terms of votes and this is the one that made me smile as we have the ability to save items already (see Saving your results with ‘Starring’)!  It made me smile as it shows us, yet again, not to make assumptions. The star system is used in a number of sites, such as Google, but is clearly not ubiquitous – so major fail by us.  Thankfully it should be an easy remedy!
  2. Great, I really like that people want to interact with the site!
  3. Already in planning
  4. More in-depth than 2 (thumbs up or down) and again great to see people want us to support them. This will require some thought!!
  5. As with 4, this will require some thought.
  6. We have the data, we just need to figure out how to create the interface.  In many ways it’s like SmartSearch, so hopefully it’ll be easy to implement.
  7. Sorry!
  8. Great, fits in with the interactions mentioned above (thumbs up/down, critical appraisal etc).
  9. Pro users can already sort articles by popularity – so we need to improve the interface.
  10. We’re working on automating that!