Following the news about the National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC) having its funding withdrawn we have set about capturing as many USA guidelines as possible (see Guidelines on Trip – moving forward after the demise of NGC).  So, instead of linking to NGC summaries we decided we would link directly to the guidelines on the publishers site. We started migrating all the records last weekend (adding the new links and removing the old ones) and this process is now complete. We now have 3,495 US guidelines.  For comparison NGC has around 1,350 guideline summaries.

At Trip we break guidelines down by geography so the full count is as follows:

  • USA – 3,495
  • Canada – 1,730
  • Australia and NZ – 1,149
  • UK – 3,239
  • Other – 948

So, across the board Trip links to 10,561 guidelines.

This is a unique FREE collection one we hope to develop in the forthcoming months (more to follow in due course).