I’ve been trying to see how Trip fits in to the evidence ecosystem and have attempted to draw it.  However, my imagination has let me down so I need some help!  This is what I’ve got so far:


So, what am I trying to say?

Funders give money to academics to produce research which is then published.  The published material can be viewed directly by health professionals but it can also be accessed via Trip.

The dotted grey lines, from Trip to those on the right-hand side are relationships that could be developed with regard the needs of the health professionals.  So, we could help funders understand the type of material users are asking for (we have a paper on that due soon) and that should be of use to academics.  And, for publishers, we could give comparative information as to how their content performs relative to other publishers.

We tend to focus our relationships on the left-hand side, but we could – for influence and business purposes – look increasingly to the right-hand side.

So, the help needed is to perfect the image!  Have I missed relationships?  Can you articulate how Trip might support those on the right-hand side?  Anything else obvious that might help me visualise Trip’s role in the evidence ecosystem??

Thank you in advance 🙂