This is the year we build our rapid review system.  In short it’s a step-by-step ‘wizard’ that supports users (either via automation or community support) to rapidly generate evidence reviews. The steps are as follows:

  • Question setting/clarification, including the extraction of search terms.
  • Search and document selection, including various techniques to unearth articles that may have been missed.
  • Data extraction to produce an evidence table.
  • Narrative review including a conclusion or clinical bottom line (to be decided).
  • Review finalisation. All the above parts pulled together to produce an easy to read rapid review.
  • Publication and peer review.

To help us understand where to particularly focus can you select which elements below are really important – please select the 5 most important aspects. If you think we’ve missed something (or have any general comments) please let us know via the ‘Other’ box:

Thank you