We’ve been working with RobotReviewer for a number of years. They do two things for us:

  • Highlight all the controlled trials in PubMed with a high degree of accuracy
  • Assess these trials for bias using their amazing automated systems (see this earlier blog when we first started working with them).

RobotReviewer have improved their systems making bias and trial identification even better and to ‘celebrate’ this we’ve made some changes to Trip.  We’ve altered the way bias scores are displayed in Trip and we’ve now created a filter so you can choose to only show those trials with a low estimated risk of bias (labelled “Controlled trial quality: predicted high”):


This is a big improvement in helping people easily locate high quality evidence, as such we’re delighted.

Oh yes, for the data nerds, as of a few days ago there were 552,463 controlled trials in PubMed!