Our fourth update on this topic, the last one being in April! I have yet to see any other attempt at highlighting the information/search needs of health professionals, so if you know of any please let me know.

Below are the top 15 search terms used alongside searches for Covid-19 (or synonyms). This is a crude list with no attempt to reconcile synonymous entries.

  1. diagnosis
  2. PPE or masks
  3. chloroquine
  4. pregnancy
  5. screening
  6. interferon
  7. chloroquine OR hydrochloroquine
  8. surgery
  9. dentistry
  10. vaccine
  11. antibiotics
  12. azithromycin
  13. treatment
  14. vitamin d
  15. ivermectin

So, what’s changed?

Firstly, diagnosis is now in top spot…

Secondly, there are increases on the topics of vaccines, vitamin d and ivermectin.

Lastly, there seems to be tailing off of searches on the topic. The graph below shows a cumulative total of searches for Covid-19 (and synonyms) – that’s the thick blue line. The dashed yellow line is a trend line based on the first months of the pandemic.