Having access to full-text documents is often really important and something Trip supports as best as possible. Most of the higher-quality, secondary evidence, is available as full-text; this is not the case for journal articles.

So, to help users understand what’s available, alongside the title of each journal article is at least one icon to signify what is available: full-text or abstract only. This is slightly complicated by the difference between ‘free’ and ‘Pro’ Trip. The subscription (Pro) version links to a huge number of full-text articles; around 70% of journal articles in Trip link to full-text articles. So, how to understand the icons:

Pro (subscription) users

As you can see from the above the full-text icon appears if we have that in our system, otherwise you simply get the other icon!

Free users

Note, in this situation you can see the ‘Pro’ wording next to the full-text icon to signify that, if you were a subscriber, you’d be able to link to the full-text.